It is YOUR RIGHT in the State of Washington to Choose Your Auto Glass Repair Facility.

Did you know….

Many insurance companies employ privately owned networks to steer you towards one of their auto glass repair shops. It is not for the level of service, it is to save them a few bucks. For the highest Quality, Safety, & Service – call now (206) 244-2348.

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How They Try To Do This

  • Insurance companies often have a special phone number on the back of your insurance card for their auto glass claims. They don’t tell you that the claim is being handled by an Auto Glass Network.
  • Most of the networks are telephone call centers owned and operated by large retail auto glass replacement companies.
  • When you make the call, the person answering the phone will identify themselves with the name of your insurance company, even though they are an employee of the glass shop’s network.
  • Steering of jobs is so widespread that there are lawsuits throughout the country seeking to bar this activity.
  • They will then steer most of the jobs to their own company stores, most of which use low cost and low quality products and installations.

What You May Hear From The Glass Claim Representative:

  • The glass shop you request is not on their list. (Of course not, we are their competitors.)
  • If you don’t use a shop on their list there may be no warranty. (Of course not, each shop warranties their own work.)
  • You may have to pay additional money out-of-pocket if you don’t use their preferred shops. (Not with us – we abide by your insurance companies pricing guidelines.)
But, these things are not true. They are steering you to their shops.
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At Superior Auto Glass - We work with all insurance companies

We will call your insurance company with you on the phone to ensure that steering doesn't happen to you.
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